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The Share Shop

The Share Shop is a library of things in Newcastle, NSW, where you can borrow things instead of buying them. Our things include tools, camping equipment and party supplies. We are a community organisation run entirely by volunteers.

Membership is as little as $52AUD/year.....yep, that's $1 a week!


Why Share?

How much of your house is full of items that you don’t need?

How many times have you bought something to use only once or twice?

Us too.

That’s exactly why we've created The Share Shop - A Library of Things. It’s a way to help you spend less on things you don’t need, and use less space to store items in your home.

We want to reduce waste and stop useful things ending up as landfill. Borrowing instead of buying also gives you the opportunity to try new things before you invest in equipment.

As part of the Pachamama community we work with other groups to provide a vibrant hub where you can learn and share.


Three Steps to Getting Things

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Join Online or In Person

You can join The Share Shop online using a credit card or set up your account online before coming in to see us by choosing the 'pay offline' option.

If you'd prefer to join up in The Share Shop we accept cash, credit or bank transfer.


Browse and Reserve Things

Our inventory is available to view online and once you are a member you can reserve things before you come in.


We're quite happy for you to come in, browse and borrow but if you reserve things then we'll have them out ready for you to pick up when you arrive.

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Borrow Your Thing

Come pick up your thing(s) from Shed 1, Pachamama House, 21 Gordon Ave, Hamilton on Saturday 10am-Noon.


If these times don't suit you can give us a email and we can organise an alternative.


Opening Hours

Saturdays 10am - Noon

Other times may become available so let us know your preference


Contact Us

Get in touch with The Share Shop to learn more about our work and how you can get involved.

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