The Answers You Need


I like the Share Shop idea but you don't have anything I want to borrow, can I suggest some things you should have?

Yes please. We want the Share Shop to be stocked with useful things so we need to know what our community wants to borrow. You may want to look at our Wishlist as it contains things we are currently focused on obtaining.


We will prioritise getting things our members want over suggestions from the broader community but it's still worth telling us your ideas.

If I donate a thing what happens if I want to use it?

Yay, we're so happy you're thinking about donating a thing! When you donate a thing, it becomes the property of the Share Shop, this means if you want to use it you need to borrow it like any other member.  If there are times when you want a thing and it isn't available, please let us know if this happens so we can prioritise getting more of it.

If I donate a thing, what happens if I move away?

Woo hoo, we'd love to have your thing! If you donate a thing it becomes the property of the Share Shop so if you leave town, you can't take it with you....this is a bit of a bummer, hopefully you're moving somewhere equally awesome and you can join a Library of Things near your new home!

The thing I want is never available, it's very frustrating, what can I do?

Argh! This is definitely not what we want for our members but as our inventory is generally made up of donations this can happen from time to time. Please contact us so we know which thing you are after and can look at prioritising getting more of them for our inventory.

Oops, I broke a thing I borrowed/a thing I borrowed stopped working, what do I do?

Don't panic! Let us know the thing is broken so we can take it out of our inventory for repair/disposal. Return the thing to us, in most cases that's it (exceptions would be stuff like, if you intentionally smash a bunch of things to pieces....frowned upon). 

*Sigh* I lost a thing/some *#@! stole a thing I had borrowed, what do I do?

Seriously annoying. Let us know so we can remove the thing from the inventory and discuss what happened. In most cases that'll be it (exceptions being if you keep losing things, like ummm, are these things lost or being re-homed? If that happens we may need to cancel your membership).

Do you have any discount membership categories?

If you'd like to join but can't afford it please get in contact with us so we can discuss some options. We have kept our membership prices as low as we can for now (to be honest, they're probably lower than is sensible)!

Can my organisation join?

What a great idea! Please get in contact with us to discuss it. We'd like to offer organisation membership but we haven't figured out the details yet.