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We prefer to accept donations of things
on our wish list, but are open to all offers.

Donate Things

Our inventory is currently made up of good condition, second hand equipment donated by our community.


If you'd like to donate a thing, please read our donation guidelines and get in touch!

We're open to all offers, but if you need some ideas check out our wish list.

Our Wish List

We aim to provide things that our members want to borrow. 


Our wish list is regularly reviewed and updated. If you are interested in borrowing a thing that isn't in our inventory please let us know.

We'll see what we can do!

Donate Money

If your organisation would like to work with us, please get in contact.

We are happy to take donations however, at this stage, we don't have DGR status so they aren't tax deductible. Reach out to make a donation using the link below.

Thank you!

Donate: Service
Donate: Fundraiser
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